A Bit of a Hero

Tom is finding it hard to come terms with the death of his father and life just gets worse as Mum meets a new man bullyjoins class at school. Will he find courage within himself stand up To The bully?

“Death of a Hero”, published in 1929 was the author’s literary response to war. He went on publish several works fiction. In 1942, having moved United States, he began write biographies. This last work very controversial, as it highly critical man still regarded war hero.

“Levine’s stories are riveting and subtle, shot through with a muted wisdom palpable compassion.” ?Publisher’s Weekly Tom Mahoney is the golden boy everyone knew in school: good-looking, charming, an athlete—sought after by women, envy of men. His success life seems foregone conclusion. In The Appearance Hero, navigates passage into adulthood, his story chronicled from every perspective but own. crisscrosses country search direction, affecting lives he meets. recounting illicit affair older colleague reveals young man unprepared for emotional entanglements that come love. Tom’s father, Stuart, struggles to reconcile splendor shortcomings, as watches only child fail live up expectations. A couple befriends unsuspecting Tom, attempting extract very qualities others find so alluring about him. For aging tennis partner, serves lens which able understand early years fatherhood. girlfriend, enamored attempts isolate him, shocking consequences. As mythology surrounding grows richer, what exactly has eluded grow increasingly desperate heartbreaking, we begin see being icon not all it’s cracked be. this haunting short collection, Peter Levine offers portrait hero twenty-first century, whose legend constructed himself those around someone idolize.