Ancient Egypt

This is a story studded with extraordinary achievements and historic moments, from the building of pyramids conquest Nubia, through Akhenaten’s religious revolution, power beauty Nefertiti, glory Tutankhamun’s burial chamber, ruthlessness Ramesses, to Alexander Great’s invasion, Cleopatra’s fatal entanglement Rome. As world’s first nation-state, history Ancient Egypt above all attempt unite disparate realm defend it against hostile forces within without. Combining grand narrative sweep detailed knowledge hieroglyphs iconography power, Toby Wilkinson reveals in its complexity.

In Ancient Egypt: State and Society, Alan B. Lloyd attempts to define, analyse, evaluate the institutional ideological systems which empowered sustained one of most successful civilizations ancient world for a period in excess three half millennia. Covering entirity civilization, featuring large number up-to-date translations original Egyptian texts, Egyptfocuses on main aspects culture gave society its particular character, endeavours establish what allowed Egyptians maintain that character an extraordinary length time, despiteenduring cultural shock many different kinds.

“Ancient written documents often provide the essential information and these are used where necessary. However, book highlights contribution that archaeology makes, seeking an integration of sources. It uses numerous case studies, illustrating them with artwork expressly prepared for from specialist sources.” “This revised edition adds new chapters on who, in ethnic terms, ancient Egyptians were, final ten centuries Egyptian civilization. Barry Kemp’s is indispensable text all students Egypt general reader.”–BOOK JACKET.