Angel Fever

The final captivating book in the bestselling Angel Trilogy. Willow and Alex are mankind’s only hope. With world ruins, angels enslaving humanity, moving survivors into camps where they can devour their energy, causing slow but certain death. Training a new team of Killers, Willow’s love grows stronger than ever – success is almost within grasp. But when senses terrifying shift angels’ powers, forced to embark on deadly solo mission. Now left defeat with Seb, she has no idea if coming back… exclusive scenes not included paperback edition. “If Eoin Colfer reinvented fairy Stephenie Meyer vampire then without doubt L.A. Weatherly angel… compelling utterly mesmerising paranormal romance trilogy.” – LoveReading4Kids

‘J’ai écrit plus de quarante livres — des albums, romans pour adolescents et beaucoup séries jeunes lecteurs mais la trilogie Angel est ma première oeuvre adultes je dois avouer que, parmi tout ce que j’ai écrit, c’est également préférée’ L. A. Weatherly

When plain and simple Eely finds a beautiful winged man wounded in one of the rift caves she takes him to Iakas, roofie, who learns that had been betrayed by those resent superiority folk cast out his city clouds. Together with Red drain-crawler twin brother Igorik, they embark on quest recover sacred elusive starstone, which also adrift. The starstone responds beauty, grows stronger its presence – so where is it? Can people Quentaris find true beauty end long-standing animosity exists between elitist roofies, vain sky folk, humble ground dwellers? And why becoming angelic?