at SeaWorld’s Worst Jobs

From the New York Times bestselling author of Evidence Harm and Animal Factory—a groundbreaking scientific thriller that exposes dark side SeaWorld, America’s most beloved marine mammal park Death at SeaWorld centers on battle with multimillion-dollar industry over controversial even lethal ramifications keeping killer whales in captivity. Following story biologist animal advocate Humane Society US, Naomi Rose, Kirby tells gripping two-decade fight against PR-savvy which came to a head tragic death trainer Dawn Brancheau 2010. puts horrific animal-on-human attack context. Brancheau’s was publicized among several brutal attacks have occurred Sea World other theme parks. introduces real people taking part this debate, from former trainers turned rights activists men women champion captivity whales. In section two orcas act out. And as progresses orca become increasingly violent, warnings Rose scientists fall deaf ears, only be realized Brancheau. Finally he covers media backlash, eyewitnesses who come forward challenge SeaWorld’s glossy image, OSHA case challenges very idea may spell end having water ocean’s top predators.

In the first of a wildly entertaining mystery series set amid bright lights, big egos, and Botoxed brows Hollywood, Cheryl Crane–daughter legendary movie star Lana Turner–introduces smart, hilarious, utterly loveable heroine in realtor-turned-amateur sleuth, Nikki Harper. For Harper, realtor to stars daughter 1950s screen goddess Victoria Bordeaux, Hollywood is home–an albeit dysfunctional home populated by cast crazies. While Nikki’s no stranger scandal, she’s shocked receive hysterical phone call from her business partner, Jessica Martin, saying that seventies sitcom Rex March has been found dead Jessica’s bed. More shocking fact that, as far anyone knew, was already dead. . Six months ago, supposedly killed when his plane crashed Mojave Desert. recently sold mansion on behalf widow, Edith. Obviously, being framed, but whom? And why? how can be again? “Cheryl Crane written superb mystery: rich milieu, deep plot twists, constant exercise suspense surprise. This book veritable primer why people read love crime fiction.”–James Ellroy “There’s good with twist some very clever insider bits.” –The Globe Mail “Plot twists keep pages turning.” –Booklist

Your friend invites you to his new theme park he’s opening in back yard. wife has a plan make scarves out of animals like that pop star she saw on TV wears and sell them at the flea market. A heartbroken dinosaur won’t get off your couch since he broke up with girlfriend. An apocalypse ladybugs threatens all humanity. The flash fiction stories CL Bledsoe’s second collection range from surreal funny deeply moving.