Bushfire Rescue

‘Help me!’ I gasped. ‘My name is Sam Fox and I’m trapped in a truck . There’s bushfire all around It’s the holidays has gone to high country stay with his grandparents. While trying stop cattle rustlers from stealing stud bull, an injured isolated mountains during horrific bushfire. To survive, he must rely on courage; ingenuity, help of Chainsaw – mad old rodeo bull! An action-packed rollercoaster ride, Bushfire Rescue second book thrilling new series! Visit puffin.com.au/extreme for more.

Join our team of Global Heroes in this fast-paced, science-themed chapter book as they undertake a daring rescue mission to save wildlife trapped by burning bushfires the Australian outback… Great for readers age 7+ these adventure stories are also full fascinating facts. In Bushfire Rescue heroes discover what conditions lead sudden forest fires, is causing planet hot up and how can help stop fires from raging. These illustrated books perfect making science topics accessible young readers, inspiring thirst knowledge learning stealth. The characters come around world give truly global outlook.

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