Camping Out

WATCH OUT FOR CREEPY CRAWLIES! It’s Emily’s turn to host the next sleepover, and she’s having a campout! Her dad’s going grill hot dogs, they’ll tell ghost stories fall asleep sounds of crickets chirping. Fun! But Taylor isn’t as excited others. Sure, she loves parties is always up for new adventures…but also has secret that kind embarrassed about. She’s afraid bugs! She knows can her friends truth, but they’re really looking forward sleeping in tent. doesn’t want ruin their fun, scared sleep outside. Will be able make it through night?

Camping Out encourages young learners to build reading comprehension skills with grade-appropriate vocabulary, extension activities, and an engaging story. Featuring activities a Comprehension & Extension section, this 24-page title introduces transitioning readers teacher-focused concepts that will help them gain important learning skills. The vibrant illustrations leveled text in the Little Birdie Books’ Leveled Readers work together tell fun stories while supporting early readers. vocabulary these books children develop essential for proficiency.