Champion of Turtles

There in the shimmering green water lay four big oval shapes like a giant’s carving dishes. They were patterned brownish and had five handles. Suddenly handles stirred dishes began to move! Chellie was very small when she first saw beautiful turtles with scientific name so close her own. Every year would watch them swim sea make their long journeys up beach eggs. But one day, makes grim horrible discovery, discovery that turns life upside down forces act.

Covering all facets of the biology a little-known genus, Peter V. Lindeman’s lavishly illustrated Map Turtle and Sawback Atlas is both scientific treatise an engaging introduction to striking group turtles. turtles sawbacks, found in along rivers from Texas Florida north Great Lakes, fascinate ecologists evolutionary biologists. Over short geologic time span, these achieved exceptional biological diversification. Their diets are also exceptionally diverse, significant difference size distinguishes males females. Adult typically half or less shell length adult females, making map sawbacks champions sexual dimorphism among not only but four-legged vertebrates. Aesthetics draw biologists hobbyists sawbacks. While male Sabine turtle may look some like “pencil-necked geek,” as author puts it, markings on shell, limbs, head, neck make most attractive earth. Sawbacks feature ridge down their shell. Few show themselves off such advantage. Photographs included here Graptemys basking poses reveal what improbable heights can scale, spread-eagle sunning stances they adopt, stacking individuals crowded site, heads that warily watch world above waterline. In lively prose, Lindeman details habitat, diet, reproduction life history, natural population abundance each species. A section conservation status summarizes official state, federal, international designations for species, with efforts toward management recovery well habitat preservation. The outlines promising avenues future research, ranging effects global climate change populations strategies combating expansion pet trade.