Elizabella and the

Mysteries, lizards and strange goings-on abound in another uniquely funny addition to the beloved ‘Elizabella’ series. Excitement is air as Elizabella – poet, fixer of fairytales biggest prankster history her school heads off camp with rest class. But when Larry Lizard learns she’s headed Lake he stows away suitcase, dreaming discovering other sentient rumoured be living there. Soon, begins having dreams wonders if haunted. Meanwhile back at Bilby Creek, Martin madly searches for Larry, eventually stumbling on lizard who looks exactly like him. After really haunting Lake, return home solve mystery. Who imposter hanging out Martin?Another entry illustrated comedy series from talented sister duo Zoë Georgie Norton-Lodge.

**EBook Edition** Sometimes you’ve gotta bend the rules to straighten things out! The second book in hilarious Elizabella series is middle-grade at its finest. It’s beginning of term for and her gang, but instead being a fresh start, it’s rotten one. school falling apart misery sets when big corporation takes over tuckshop, leaving poor Miss Duck out job. Meanwhile, there’s lice outbreak Bilby Creek Primary competition write School Song. How will deal with all this? In true style, course!