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Veteran prizefighter Michael Dane believes he’s on top of the world. He’s had a star-crossed career and life, with plenty wins in ring an eighteen-month stint prison. As number-one contender for IBF Light-Heavyweight Championship, training to go up against Quin Cortez, undefeated champion, title fight Las Vegas. Michael’s drug-running manager, Dante Alexander, has driven his career, making no friends along way. Now, after tense meeting Dante, is rethinking choices as man professional fighter. Worse, doing all he can stay one step ahead treacherous men who would exploit him their own gains. With nowhere else turn few people really trust, turns former trainer advice, Terence “Dutch” Masters, raised like son. His girlfriend Selena, now several months pregnant child, represents life never known. Now must do what it takes keep everyone safe from Dante. old corner more fight, flame back rival gangsters both sides, get out … life?

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A biography of Jack Dempsey, Heavyweight Champion the World from 1919-1926.