First Day

The classrooms of the first and third classes are on floor right side stairwell. At this time, there is a lot noise. head teacher Yi Kang calling name. Yes, looking at children who were obviously little troubled by with disgust, course, also those absent-minded, holding book that was just released it bitterness hatred.

What happens when work and pleasure can’t keep their hands off each other? After hooking up with her boss, Monroe, on a business trip, Chloe finds herself in need of fresh start at new company if she wants to things relationship heating up. But after disastrous first day, can Monroe give what needs? Find out this sexy age-gap romantic short. This story is follow the lesbian romance novellaette Flying First.

Originally published: Tuscaloosa: University of Alabama Press, 1970, under title Crisis at the crossroads: first day Gettybsurg.