First Morning: Poems

A diverse range of poets have lent their voices to this collection, among them Philip Larkin, Derek Walcott, Eleanor Farjeon and Carol Freeman. Each offers new unexpected ways perceiving time, be it through the seasons, cycle life, or comforts daily rituals.

“Morning Poems is a sensational collection — Robert Bly’s best in many years. Inspired by the example of William Stafford, Bly decided to embark on project writing daily poem: Every morning he would stay bed until had completed day’s work. These ‘little adventures/In Morning longing,’ as calls them, address classic poetic subjects (childhood, seasons, death and heaven) way that capitalizes fully pun book’s title. are poems, full delight mystery waking new day, they also do their share mourning, elegizing deceases capturing ‘moment sorror before creation.’ Some poems dialogues where unconventional speakers include mice, maple trees, bundles grain, body, ‘oldest mind’ soul. A particularly moving sequence involves imaginative transactions with great unlikely precursor, Wallace Stevens. The whole fascinating original book from one our most authors.” David Lehman