Fixing the Tiger

“What can you do when your little brother is too scared to sleep in his own bed? Scotty doesn’t know, and neither does Mum or Dad. So he enlists the aid of Aunt Kris, who finds away fix problem for good”–Back cover. Suggested level: junior, primary.

Saul Kripke, in a series of classic writings the 1960s and 1970s, changed face metaphysics philosophy language. Christopher Hughes offers careful exposition critical analysis Kripke’s central ideas about names, necessity, identity. He clears up some common misunderstandings views on rigid designation, causality reference, necessary contingent, posteriori priori. Through his engagement with makes significant contribution to ongoing debates on, inter alia, semantics natural kind terms, nature kinds, essentiality origin constitution, relative merits ‘identitarian’ counterpart-theoretic accounts modality, identity or otherwise mental types tokens physical tokens. No specialist knowledge either language is presupposed; Hughes’s book will be valuable for anyone working which Kripke made famous world.