Flying Ace: Jack Fairfax,

Nineteen-year-old Jack Fairfax has volunteered for the Royal Flying Corps, but his family does not approve. When best friend is shot down by German Ace pilots, he vows to avenge him.

Jack Fairfax is the 19-year-old second son of Lord and Lady Fairfax. The Fairfaxes are steeped in military tradition, don’t approve Jack’s volunteering for Royal Flying Corps. New-fangled flying machines nothing to do with ‘proper’ warfare. Nevertheless, takes skies his Bleriot plane, faces skills German ace pilots over Somme. When best friend shot down by one them, he vows avenge him…

Courageous First World War Stories is a collection of three wartime adventures (THE TRENCHES, STANDING ALONE and FLYING ACE) that will transport the reader to heart War. Riveting fictionalized accounts, packed with historical detail, give new immediacy enthral young readers.