Green!Sometimes Love is Under

This is the second voplume of my poetry, first being a compilation love poems. all general to be enjoyed by who read them!

This book of poetry is all about the planets in Zodiac signs. It a fun book, plus gives an insight into basic astrology…This kind called ASTROPOETRY… Please enjoy…

Home with God was written to honor the kinship of all people. The stories and lessons it contains are designed rekindle readers memory their true spiritual nature as sons daughters God, experiencing themselves sovereign beings who have inadvertently forgotten identity. Following advice last chapters twenty Frequency Elevators can lead mind/body/spirit healing potential restoration his or her self. My mother (a retired nurse now living in a nursing home) re-reads every day! Sandra Worthington, CMT, HHScEd Th is book for anyone wanting grow spiritually. Since reading this my perceptions changed I am more aware life, almost like waking from dream. Thank you Jan sharing part your life us. Warning…once pick up start book, wont be able put down. K. Peterson