Heroes: Australian At Their

Stories of 36 Australian men, women and children who, in a range situations, have risen above the odds to achieve seemingly impssible, often risking their lives process.

Australia celebrated one hundred years as a nation in 2001. This book – part history, travelogue, memoir tells the inspiring story of how one-time British colony convicts turned itself into prosperous and confident country. Through eyes ordinary people, Phillip Knightley describes Australia’s journey, from federation trauma First World War, desperate poverty Depression, with its attendant spectres secret armies near-civil war, threat invasion Second War immigration that followed it, slow but steady decline relationship Britain, ‘Mother Country’, forged own unique identity.

This book offers the first major discussion of metatheatre in Australian drama late twentieth and early twenty-first centuries. It highlights metatheatre’s capacity to illuminate wider social, cultural, artistic contexts which plays have been produced. Drawing from existing scholarly arguments about value considering holistically, this deploys a range critical approaches, combining textual production analysis, archival research, interviews, reflections gained observing rehearsals. Focusing on four their productions, uses these examples showcase how has utilised generate powerful elements critique, particularly Indigenous/non-Indigenous relations. vital place dramatic theatrical history connects tradition concepts development contemporary theatre. illuminating text will be interest students scholars theatre (historic contemporary) as well those researching studying studies more broadly.