HoodThe Adventures of Stunt

The Screen Combat Handbook is an essential guide to navigating the unique challenges of putting combat on screen. Explore process from early stages preproduction planning all way through editing and sound design, everything in-between. This book uses practical instruction, examples, interviews, illustrations show how plan, shoot, assemble safe effective fight sequences. It includes sections thoughtful design choices in set, wardrobe, props, effects, planning, on-set protocol, choreography coordination, shot technical tricks, acting choices, cinematography, impactful design. provides invaluable resource for those involved including directors, coordinators, actors stunt players, any filmmaker attempting shoot exciting action scene safely. Whether working a no-budget indie production or professional this your ultimate screen choreography.

A History of Contemporary Stage Combat chronicles the development stage combat from origins Society British Fight Directors in 1969 to modern day. Featuring interviews with some pioneers this art form, book analyzes how developed response needs industry and changing social mores United States, Kingdom, Canada, European Continent, Australia, New Zealand. It also explores quality theatrical weaponry, as well outcropping such intimacy design jousting. is an excellent resource for actors, directors, combatants, theatre historians, anyone a love action on film.

The story of the men and women whose daring stunts have thrilled Hollywood’s audiences – from slapstick Keystone Kops to present.