Jetty Rats

An hilarious, very quirky novel full of charming Australian characters and unique settings. Philip Gwynne brings Hunter – the witty, cynical narrator his crumbling bay-side town to life in tale sadness, laughter, funeral homes fishing! Ages 11+.

Created especially for Australian customer! This book puts more fish on your line! Want to dangle a line anywhere in Australia or New Zealand? On the way becoming successful angler, discover how choose tackle confidently, master rigs and knots, read fishing environment, cast efficiently take home table — all while with safety sustainability mind. Find expert guidance absorb Steve Starling’s insider knowledge of develop angling skills Build kit right fish, competently without waste Increase advantage myriad tips about constructing effective Hone craft match bait ease reel ’em Take immerse yourself new age fishing; catch only what you need Prepare improve areas preparation, from gutting filleting Cook like pro practise art simplicity kitchen retain release those wondrous flavours Investigate ten top spots trip Zealand Open find: How target Aussie/Kiwi saltwater freshwater Techniques rig gear likea Pointers selecting best baits, lures flies Ways tie reliable knots weathers dark Tips casting types The Ideas contribute A guide own style angling: Jetty rat, estuary …

“The Big One is to competitive fishing what Friday Night Lights was high school football.” —News & Record (Greensboro) A Forbes Best Sports Book of the Year Published rave reviews in hardcover and purchased by DreamWorks a major film deal, The spellbinding richly atmospheric work Pulitzer Prize–winning journalist. Here story community—Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts—and sporting event—the island’s legendary Striped Bass Bluefish Derby—that rendered with same depth, color, emotional power best fiction. Among characters, we meet: Dick Hathaway, crotchety legend who once caught bluefish from helicopter ultimately banned for cheating; Janet Messineo, recovering alcoholic says that striped bass saved her life; Buddy Vanderhoop, boastful Native American charter captain guides celebrity anglers like Keith Richards Spike Lee; Wyatt Jenkinson, nine-year-old fanatic whose mother battling brain cancer. At center it all five-time winner Lev Wlodyka, cagey local next fish will spark storm controversy throw tournament into turmoil. rollicking true grand obsession. You don’t have be fisherman relish David Kinney’s marvelous account annual striper madness on Martha’s or his unforgettable portraits possessed. It’s fine piece journalism, rich color suspense.” —Carl Hiaasen, New York Times–bestselling author