Just Macbeth

– Take one Shakespearean tragedy: Macbeth.- Add Andy, Danny and Lisa – the Just trio, whose madcap exploits have already delighted hundreds of thousands readers for last ten years.- Mix them all together to create most hilarious, dramatic, moving stories love, Whizz Fizz, witches, murder madness, from bestselling funniest children’s author in Australia.

The first decade of the new century has certainly been a busy one for diversity in Shakespearean performance and interpretation, yielding, example, global, virtual, digital, interactive, televisual, cinematic Shakespeares. In Locating Shakespeare Twenty-First Century, Gabrielle Malcolm Kelli Marshall assess this active world adaptation commercialization as they consider both novel traditional forms: from experimental presentations (in-person online) literal rewritings plays/playwright to televised filmic More specifically, contributors Century examine BBC’s ShakespeaRE-Told series, Canada’s television program Slings Arrows, Mumbai-based film Maqbool, graphic novels Neil Gaiman’s Sandman well future adaptation, performance, digitization, translation via such projects National Theatre Live, Victoria Albert Museum’s Archive Digital Performance, British Library’s online presentation complete Folios. Other authors place classroom, Kenneth Branagh canon, Jewish revenge films (Quentin Tarantino’s included), comic books, Young Adult literature, episodes popular sci-fi Doctor Who. Ultimately, collection sheds light, at least partially, on where critics think is now he his works might be going near long-term. One conclusion certain: however far we progress into century, will there.

Adaptations of canonical texts have played an important role throughout the history children’s literature and been seen as active vital contributing force in establishing a common ground for intercultural communication across generations borders. This collection analyses different examples adapting or encompassing adaptations English classics children young adult readers Europe. The international contributors assess both historical transcultural adaptation relation to historically regionally contingent concepts childhood. By assessing how move age-specific national borders, they examine traces literary cultural heritage European literature.