King Arthur and the

A graphic version of the legend King Arthur and Round Table.

Reveals how the ancient Celtic text of Mabinogion was mythical predecessor to legends King Arthur. • Revised edition Arthur and Sovereignty Britain (UK) that includes author’s latest research insights. A comprehensive reader’s companion with synopsis stories full commentary. Written by renowned scholar Caitlín Matthews, author The Wisdom Tarot (15,000 sold). have received universal recognition from scholars as both sources Arthurian legend keys insights into magic Otherworld. Now drawing on a range medieval texts Welsh writings, provides fully revised updated guide these rich far-reaching tales. In Goddess Land, Matthews sheds particular light Sovereignty, sacred land Britain, spiritual principle Divine Feminine. Clearly revealed are many alternate forms taken Land–including her incarnation Morgan Avalon, who plays dominant role in cycle. Also established links between legendary characters their counterparts other living myths Western world. Through marriage kings contract political rulership responsibility for land’s well-being is dramatically revealed. once again articulates definitively continuing relevance thought belief illustrated powerful Britain.

First published in hardback 1996, a retelling of classic story featuring the heroic deeds King Arthur and knights round table. Illustrated colour with strip-cartoons.