King Jack and the Dragon

Jack, Zack, and Caspar build a castle fort, then spend day fighting dragons beasts, but at day’s end giants carry away first Sir Caspar, King Jack is left to face night creatures alone.

Jack, Zak and Caspar spend the day building a den fighting dragons, but as night falls Jack is left on his own. Is that real dragon coming to get him? Suggested level: junior.

Brave King Jack and his faithful knights, Sir Zack baby Casper, spend all day fighting fierce dragons terrible beasts in their homemade fort. But night is falling, bedtime looming, playtime nearly over. When Caspar are taken inside for bed, – alone on throne finds himself feeling a bit less brave . especially when he hears thing approaching, with four legs. A fantasy adventure comforting tale one. With Helen Oxenbury’s spare, expressive illustrations, this classic the making perfect imaginative preschoolers everywhere, certainly fans of There’s Nightmare my Closet Where Wild Things Are. From Board edition.