Leopard Trail

Black Bear’s son is fighting the enemy with a taste for vengeance. Tornado Leopard man skilled knives and so going to lead his people victory. His heart burns revenge.

Gripping encounters with wildlife is the heart and soul of book. Such thrilling situations include a dozen wild boars congregating just few feet away from author, leopard crouching at hand-shaking distance under his machaan, killing bullock very near author’s bed, loner gaur about to stamp on him while he was sleeping out, visit tiger’s den, following tiger foot, ferocious charge by sloth bear, ruthless whistling hunters kill, so on. The frustration not sighting Melghat for one half years after joining as field director, Tiger Project, followed joy elusive tiger, are described in stories. During journey through Melghat, author met variety unsung heroes, whom sufficient space given. There funny judiciously sprinkled across too—a man upper branch, middle dogs surrounding tree; nightjar landing body VIP, tipsy animals bears. It’s comprehensive treat.