Minnie Pearl and the

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From the stage of Grand Ole Opry to concert halls around world, and on television’s Hee Haw Prime Time Country, Cousin Minnie Pearl entertained fans friends with her stories about Grinder’s Switch jokes. Now you can recall best them, such as . This week we decided we’d better take Brother up Nashville try get him a job. So I took one places man said he’d give He said, “I start at thity dollars in five years you’ll two hundred!” “That’s fine. I’ll be back years!” Mr. Smith, seventy-five-year-old multimillionaire, just married young, beautiful eighteen-year-old girl. A friend asked, “How did an marry when you’re seventy-five?” The told was ninety-five!” Also included are memories by Porter Wagoner Ralph Emery Bill Anderson Johnny Russell Little Jimmy Dickens C. Newman

“Still stands as the most authoritative history of this uniquely American art form . Bill Malone [was] an indispensable guide in making our PBS documentary.” —Ken Burns and Dayton Duncan, Country Music: An Family Story This is newly updated edition Music USA, “considered definitive country music” (Los Angeles Times). Starting with music’s folk roots rural South, it traces music from early days radio into twenty-first century. In fiftieth-anniversary edition, C. Malone, featured historian Ken Burns’s 2019 documentary on music, has revised every chapter to offer new information fresh insights. Coauthor Tracey Laird tracks developments millennium, exploring relationship between current scene traditions which emerged. Praise for USA: “The country-music bible.” ―Rolling Stone “This groundbreaking work, now updated, chronicle sweeping drama experience.” —Chet Flippo, former editorial director, CMT: Television CMT.com artists who shaped its fascinating worlds.” —William Ferris, University North Carolina at Chapel Hill, chairman, National Endowment Humanities coeditor, Encyclopedia Southern Culture “If anyone knows more about subject than [Malone] does, God help them.” —Larry McMurtry, a Narrow Grave: Essays Texas