Pig Out

A family of pigs fills a picnic basket with food

Poor Moses. His classmates are horrible to him. They think he’s weird because he can’t speak a word. Plus, the downright greediest man in whole world is stealing his only friends, pet calf named Rita Too and 10 little pigs! Deciding use mysterious gift possesses of talking animals, Moses recruits Reddy, pesky piglet, Rhode Island Red, love-starved rooster, Dishwater, hissing cat, two stubborn, kick-crazy mules create daring rescue plan. But things go wrong! And if found blame, secret power will not be exposed, become permanent outcast! family ruined! Can pull off miracle? The odds against him time running out!

In a new town, Dovi’s family befriends young boy who was abandoned at their restaurant Dovi Chandler collects yearbooks. She has them from all over the country: mementos of every time her parents uprooted to and crackpot business venture. They’ve managed apartment houses, tried save failing bookstores, even sold Tupperware, but it’s ever gotten is debt yearbook for add pile. It’s not until take Pig-Out Inn that feels ready put down roots. just another truck-stop diner, home—and she soon discovers aren’t only ones living there. Hiding out in 1 cabins 9-year-old named Tag. He stashed there by his father, negotiating painful divorce. Tag an entrepreneurial genius, brilliant schemes will offer mother chance make success—and learn true meaning family.