The presentation of Europe’s immediate historical past has quite dramatically changed. Conventional depictions occupation and collaboration in World War II, wartime resistance post-war renewal, provided the familiar backdrop against which chronicle Europe mostly been told. Within these often ritualistic presentations, it was possible to conceal fact that not only were majority people Hitler’s fighters but millions actively co-operated with many more rather easily accommodated Nazi rule. Moreover, after war, those who judged former collaborators sometimes themselves collaborators. Many became innocent victims retribution, while others–among them notorious war criminals–escaped punishment. Nonetheless, process retribution useless a historically unique effort purify continent sins Europeans had committed. This book sheds light on collective amnesia overtook European governments peoples regarding their own responsibility for crimes humanity–an recently begun dissipate as result painful searching across continent. In inspiring essays, group internationally renowned scholars unravels moral political choices facing war’s aftermath: how punish guilty, decide guilty what, convert unspeakable conflicted experiences memories into serviceable, even uplifting accounts national history. short, explore drama (and not) successfully “overcome.” Through comparative transnational emphasis, they also illuminate division between eastern western Europe, locating its origins both domestic international affairs. Here, discussion collaborators’ trials, authors lay bare roots unresolved clouding present-day Europe. Contributors are Brad Abrams, Martin Conway, Sarah Farmer, Luc Huyse, László Karsai, Mark Mazower, Peter Romijn, well editors. Taken separately, essays significant contributions contemporary history several countries. together, represent an original pathbreaking account formative moment shaping at dawn new millennium.

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