Seams of Gold

Seams of Gold is an inspirational memoir how brokenness has shaped one woman’s life and it can transform yours too. After experiencing some devastating challenging circumstances that changed her from the inside out, Shyrell Hobson manages to not only put pieces back together beautifully, she also outlines practical ways for others do same. Her strong faith, supportive loved ones, sheer determination given strength transcend most painful toxic situations in order walk divine calling -renewed, whole, God’s beautiful work art.

Danny knows that he must respect his uncle and do as says, even if means joining him on a sewing trip to the goldfields. would rather be anywhere else—until takes things into own hands.

“This is sharp, vivid, and gut-wrenching story-telling of the most powerful kind.” -Catherine Mayo, author, The Last Prince Mexican Empire Ellen Prentiss Campbell’s debut novel, Bowl with Gold Seams, a moving, intimate story unexpected personal transformations. An unusual chapter in long history Bedford Springs Hotel Pennsylvania inspired this work historical fiction: during summer 1945, resort served as unlikely detainment center for Japanese ambassador to Berlin, his staff, their families. Seams tells Hazel Shaw’s young woman working at hotel among Japanese, further reverberating lifelong consequences that experience. final events war challenge her beliefs about enemies friends, victory defeat, love loyalty. In ensuing years she remains haunted by memories. encounter causes return after end war; must confront past, come terms present life, determine future.