Secret Seahorse

A sea horse leads the reader past coral reefs and underwater creatures to a family hidden in cave. Includes notes on various marine animals.

Echo Reef loves sea horses so much, she wants one for a pet…no matter what! Of all the creatures in ocean, are Reef’s favorite. They’re sweet and gentle they glide through water gracefully. When discovers that Rocky Ridge, of her Trident Academy classmates, has his own pet horse, right away. Not everyone agrees should be pets, however—perhaps happiest when swimming freely. But thinks if can make horse happy, too! Can’t she?

Have you ever wondered what happens within King Neptune’s kingdom? Set in the Maluku Islands, also known as Spice will follow adventures of Stoney Starr Seahorse and his family they live play along with their deep-sea friends. Sullivan, Stoney’s father, is a knight realm tasked responsibility keeping reef lagoon safe for all who there. fun baby seahorses, including sister, South, friend, cardinalfish, until great danger enters into lagoon! What it? Will be safe?