Shelldrake, the Adelaide

The Diary of Emma Shelldrake, Adelaide Hills, 1915. It is 1915 and Australia involved in the Great War. Young Australian men are dying trenches Europe. To soldiers fighting France Gallipoli, village Wirreebilla Hills seems peaceful far away. But it really so peaceful? German settlers being treated increasingly as aliens by locals old friends become new enemy. When Shelldrake experiences this hatred first-hand, she begins to understand how difficult wartime can be for everyone.

This study is concerned with how readers are positioned to interpret the past in historical fiction for children and young adults. Looking at literature published within last thirty forty years, Wilson identifies explores a prevalent trend re-visioning rewriting according modern social political ideological assumptions. Fiction this genre, while level of content, additionally present views that because future which it moving. Specific areas discussion include identification new sub-genre: Living history fiction, stories Joan Arc, featuring agentic females, very popular Scholastic Press journal series, fictions war, multicultural discourses. observes specific traits written — most notably notion positive progress into nuanced differently concept from inextricably linked protagonist’s potential agency realization subjectivity. The genre consistently manifests concern identity construction turn informs influences metanarrative played out. book engages functionality offers an interpretative frame sifting out readers.