Slumber Party

The life of a teenage girl is full drama. Contrary to popular belief, drama isn’t always “all that.” Alexis, Bonita, Courtney, and Deidre pinky pledge survive it together. Friends since elementary school, reared in the church, they learn hard way that outside rules, hidden secrecy, more than can handle alone. Alexis smallest, smartest, strongest them all, or so thought. Bonita bubbly, social butt erfl y who keeps real. Courtney level-headed, spiritual leader them. spoiled one with her daddy wrapped around fi nger. Together, even when ti mes get tough ugly, strong relati onships friends family will overpower any

Pearlie Possum is a possum just like any other possum. When her best friend Makenzi throws slumber party, Pearlies anticipation arises as the day approaches. While at has an accident, which embarrasses greatly. Camilla Whites first book, Slumber Party, offers simple, but timelessly true, moral of value friendship and compassion. accident she feels abandoned alone. But friends family remind that shes not unlike all possums. tale teaches lessons about individuality, self confidence, sympathy perfect for children adults alike!

When her friend’s party is in jeopardy, Nancy takes the case! Rebecca Ramirez’s birthday just two days away, and she’s having a slumber party. She made invitations herself, with rainbow ribbon hair clips everything. But now are gone. Somebody took them whole ruined. Or it? Drew on case maybe she can make sure Rebecca’s after all!