With the publication of landmark volumes The Birds South America: Oscine Passerines and Suboscine Passerines, Robert S. Ridgely Guy Tudor established themselves as leading authorities on songbirds America. Reviewers hailed essential reference works for professional ornithologists avocational birders alike, they remain only that provide full scientific coverage continent’s passerines. Recognizing need a more compact guide can take into field, have now extracted updated identification information from America to create Field Guide Songbirds This definitive is filled with indispensable features: 121 color plates present Tudor’s magnificently detailed paintings than 1,500 species songbirds, including 400 were not illustrated in BOSA 160 additional illustrations subspecies females Extensively range maps all field guide, prepared by technical assistance Maria Allen Terry Clarke, appear opposite each bird family Ridgely’s authoritative accounts nearly 2,000 cover bird’s abundance, habitat, range; elevational preference; taxonomic or nomenclatural changes; plumage description; general behavior voice; beyond America, if applicable

With more than 5,000 works cited, Handbook of Avian Hybrids the World is greatest compendium information ever published on hybridization in birds. Worldwide scope, it provides all reported avian crosses, not only those occurring captivity, but also a natural setting (approximately 4,000 crosses are covered). This book basic reference, intended both for serious birder and professional biologist. McCarthy’s work fills need reference material that takes into account last half century data. It will be interest to workers wide variety fields, ranging from animal behavior genetics, ecology, zoology, systematics. In fact, make fascinating reading anyone interested birds world.