The Great Barbie Disaster

Sam Berger, seventeen, joins her family on a reality-television show, competing against team of preparatory school students to find evidence Bigfoot, but the teams may love, instead.

Jan Blackburn grew up watching Harriet Nelson, June Cleaver, and Marion Cunningham. These women, who joyfully cleaned their houses in pantyhose heels, embodied the characteristics of wife mother believed she would become one day. Unfortunately, somewhere along line, thinks may have been misinformed. Unlike her television heroines fifties, is perpetually late, constantly dieting, always busy; cannot remember last time enjoyed a bubble bath. Luckily, not alone. Apparently millions parents never received complimentary instruction manual with little bundles joy either. Covering span more than twenty years, offers humorous sometimes poignant look at joys sorrows parenting while comparing simpler realities todays world. As reveals secret battles culinary mishaps, children through changing times, helps women realize that we are all this together, even as Mom-isms, school fundraisers, guts leave an eighteen-hour girdle quaking its Spandex begin to take over our lives. Motherhood Other Natural Disasters shares womans journey mythical, magical mystery motherhood, proving none us alone navigate roller coaster ride called parenting.