The Hip Hop Barn

A delightful picture book that follows the antics of farmyard animals who are having a hip hop barn dance. The cows all kick their hooves in time. sheep dance crooked line. You’ll be surprised by what you’ll find this funny, crazy, rollicking rhyme.

Southern folklife is the heart of southern culture. Looking at traditional practices still carried on today as well aspects that are dynamic and emergent, contributors to this volume The New Encyclopedia Culture examine a broad range folk traditions. Moving beyond view folklore situates it in historical practice narrowly defined genres, entries demonstrate how remains vital part communities’ self-definitions. Fifty thematic address subjects such car culture, funerals, hip-hop, powwows. In 56 topical entries, focus more specific elements folklife, roadside memorials, collegiate stepping, quinceanera celebrations, Orleans marching bands, hunting dogs. Together, dynamically alive everywhere around us, giving meaning everyday unfolding community life.

The underground is a multi-faceted concept in African American culture. Peterson uses Richard Wright, KRS-One, Thelonius Monk, and the tradition of Underground Railroad to explore manifestations attributes within context more panoramic picture expressivity hip-hop.