The Kid Whose Mum Kept

I’m not really difficult, it’s just that my mum is enough to drive anyone mad. She rescues injured or abandoned animals and our house overflowing with joeys bandicoots. When I was little thought it cool, but now am in Year Six, Mum doesn’t understand have other things do life. Charmingly illustrated, The Kid Whose Kept Possums Her Bra a warm, heartfelt story about young girl who wants be normal like her friends. And, more importantly, she – friend’s mums- they don’t kangaroos the kitchen possums their bras. To fair, Mon’s does offer change, become ‘normal’ what Mon wants? Full of gentle humour, this latest offering from Dianne Wolfer makes for splendid read middle primary readers.

A fact-based and proven approach to help working mothers rediscover happiness as they balance their duties at home work Science sociology have made great strides in understanding what makes us happy how we achieve it. For who face endless demands on time attention, What Happy Working Mothers Know provides scientifically practical ways find the right replace stress with happiness. Written by a behavioral scientist global leadership guru, an international lawyer career coach, this mom-friendly guide offers tactics that truly work. The of juggling lead many women try do everything be everyone. In effort Superwoman, lose sight them fail realize important is being good worker mother. key your best you take care way health, through conscious choices every day. You’ll learn overcome obstacles, apply lessons learned motherhood skills, from children can Includes interactive activities illustrate book Shows use positive psychology shift scarcity mentality abundance for workplace success Helps tap into own sense joy day those around Science-based packed real case studies moms authors impeccable qualifications real-world experience Many raise kids professional desire deserve, but if aren’t happy, what’s point? This doesn’t show it all, all things really matter.

In care at four. A runaway six. On the streets fifteen. For some kids, there’s no hope. Rosie Goodwin writes an unforgettable saga in The Boy From Nowhere, a tale of young boy’s desperate search for place to call home. Perfect fans Lindsey Hutchinson and Cathy Sharp. ‘A touching powerful new novel from wonderful writer’ – Bookseller Alex never stood chance. After one ‘accident’ too many, he’s taken into aged Although his mother promises get him back, adopted by childless couple renamed Franky. It should be fresh start, but dad has twisted idea fatherhood. Abused alone, Franky escapes freedom is short-lived, after series foster homes can through him. He says ‘the boy nowhere’, deep down still waiting mum take slips dangerous world on London, earning living only way he can. One day might find out, ever trust again? What readers are saying about Nowhere: ‘You read whole book happy ending… When I finished cried it remained my thoughts since. amazing author able do that. myself really caring what happens people she about’ ‘What great this was! With you know expect, apart fact that will fantastic read! This very sad story with quite twist… You won’t put once start reading it!’ ‘One best books have read. So far everyone Goodwin’s been brilliant reads, surpassed them all’