The Mapmaker

Given a rare apprenticeship and tasked with charting her entire kingdom, young Aoife encounters secretive culture of wealthy peaceful people who she protects by enduring harrowing exile. By the author The Mercy Thin Air.

From the New York Times bestselling author of The Baker’s Daughter and Marilla Green Gables, a story family, love, courage When Sarah Brown, daughter abolitionist John realizes that her artistic talents may be able to help save lives slaves fleeing north, she becomes one Underground Railroad’s leading mapmakers, taking cues from slave code quilts hiding maps within paintings. She boldly embraces this calling after being told shocking news can’t bear children, but as country steers toward bloody civil war, faces difficult sacrifices could put all loves in peril. Eden, modern woman desperate conceive child with husband, moves an old house suburbs discovers porcelain head hidden root cellar—the remains Railroad doll extraordinary past secret messages, danger deliverance. Ingeniously plotted riveting end, Eden’s woven connect present, forcing each them define courage, legacy new way.

“Vividly detailed and beautifully written, this is a pleasure to read, thoughtful, deeply engaging story of the power faith navigate history’s rough terrain.”—Booklist How Far Would You Go To Stay True Yourself? Spain, 1492. On eve Jewish expulsion from Amalia Riba stands at crossroads. In country violently divided by religion, she must either convert Christianity stay safe, or remain Jew risk everything. It’s choice she’s been walking toward her whole life, days youth when family lit Shabbat candles in secret. Back then, saw vast possibility world, outlined beautiful pen ink maps father created. But world has shifted contracted since then. The Mapmaker’s Daughter stirring novel about identity, exile, what it means be home. “A close look great costs greater rewards being true who you really are. A lyrical journey time Jews Spain were faced with wrenching deciding their future as Jews—a pivotal period history inspiration today.”—Margaret George, New York Times bestselling author Elizabeth I “The many twists turns life mapmaker’s daughter, Amalia, mirror tenuous harrowing community fifteenth-century Iberia, showing how overcame even worst Inquisition could inflict on them.”—Anne Easter Smith, Royal Mistress Rose for Crown powerful love ignites these pages, making reader yearn more they come know Jamil, two most compelling characters recent historical fiction. An absolute must-read!”—Michelle Moran, Second Empress Madam Tussaud