The Wishbird

Two extraordinary children. A quest to save a city. magical adventure for children 10 years and olders. Oriole’s beloved Wishbird is dying she must leave the Forest of Birds him. But in City Soulless there are traitors everywhere, when Oriole captured, only street orphan can help her. Can Boy its bewitched king, or will city’s darkness prove too great even magic?

Your Voyage through Wishland will take you to the Four Corners of a wondrous land where adventure awaits! You visit glorious gardens, dark valleys, outlying islands and deep forest. In each these tales you’ll meet pirates & princesses, dragons, witches thieves! The Jade-Green Heart takes place in strange world magic, princess finds herself lost on her quest for destiny. Witch’s Willow brings beautiful garden, but watch out! it’s home jealous witch! Daughters Moon lands Dark Valley keepers light are almost overcome by Lord Darkness. Finally, Wish-Bird, find yourself nearly shipwrecked an island ruled dragon! Illustrated author.

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