the WormThe Fort

This highly unusual book is a serious inquiry into Schrödinger’s question, “What life?”, and at the same time celebration of life itself. It takes reader on voyage discovery through many areas contemporary physics, from non-equilibrium thermodynamics quantum optics to liquid crystals fractals, all necessary for illuminating problem life. In process, treated rare exquisite view organism, gaining novel insights, not only physics but also “the poetry meaning being alive”. intended who love subject.

A newly discovered material rewrites early Danish Viking history. In 2014 a 11-year-old girl, Maja Sielski, and her younger sister Julia, made sensational discovery among their deceased grandmother’s belongings. They found small golden plate with Latin script telling the story of legendary king Harald Bluetooth. It soon turned out that was once placed in king’s tomb this contained world’s largest known treasure Viking-era. transcript previously unknown chronicle, “Gesta Wulinensis ecclesiae pontificum” from 990s has also been found. The manuscript written by king’s own priest Avico, probably an attempt to canonize after his death year 985. Avico service since 950s. His extensive account gives remarkable dramatic picture age Scandinavia during 10th century. Here is struggle for power foundation future dynasties Denmark, Sweden Norway as well raids Ireland England. tells founding fortress Jomsborg fortress’s powerful mercenaries. book describes detail these unique facts, but it overall Age era those who are not familiar subject. Curmsun Disc concave gold disc weight 25.23 grams (0.890 oz) diameter 4.5 centimetres (1.8 in). Bluetooth name stronghold mentioned latin inscription on disc. reportedly part hoard 1841 cellar crypt ruined chapel at Groß-Weckow village Pomerania. This location just east bank river Dievenow near place where semi-legendary stood between 960’s 1043. According author entrance accidentally 12-year-old Heinrich Boldt (actor Ben Affleck’s said-to-be maternal great-great grandfather), playing some children construction site chapel.