Tooth Fairy

All over America, kids are losing their teeth. And who is there to gather them up, leaving coins in places? The Tooth Fairy, of course! A self-described “action kind gal” with plenty attitude, she reveals her secrets at last. Learn about amazing Tooth-o-Finder. Marvel ingenious flying machine. Watch action, dodging dogs and cats gerbils. You Think It’s Easy Being the Fairy? essential guide for every kid lose a tooth.

When Matthew loses a tooth, his sister Jessica tries to take advantage of the Tooth Fairy’s visit.

Seven-year-old Sam Southall loses a tooth and that night he’s visited by sinister, rank, foul-mouthed, mercurial Tooth Fairy, demonic being apparently only he can see, but whose malignant influence spills over onto his family friends.The Fairy accompanies throughout growing years, teaching him to make mischief at school, influencing actions.One day she insists have friend Terry sleep over. That same night, Terry’s father shoots wife, other children himself…