Topsy and Turvy

He’s one wacky guy! He sees things a little differently from everyone else-backwards!

“”Topsy-Turvy” is Charles Bernstein’s most capaciously unruly collection to date, gathering disparate poems, both tiny and grand, that speak directly our time of “covidity,” as he calls it one the book’s poignantly disarming works. He charts in equal measure turbulence body politic individual. Novel traditional forms jostle against another: horoscopes, shanties, elegies rub up gags, pastorals, feints; homophonic translations, songs, screenplays, slapstick tangle deftly with commentaries, conundrums, psalms, prayers. There even an ode New York subway a memorial for Harpers Ferry hero Shields Green, along collaborations artists Amy Sillman Richard Tuttle. “Topsy-Turvy” also full other voices: Pessoa, Geeshie Wiley, Rückert, Rimbaud; Drummond, Virgil, Ferneyhough, Caudio Amberian; imaginary first-century aphorist. “cognitive dissidence” lyrically explosive mix pathos, comedy, wit, though reader kept guessing which at almost every turn. Bernstein didn’t set out write book about pandemic, but these performances, translations are oddly prescient, marking path through dark times politically engaged form aesthetic resistance”–

Susan B. Anderson’s fifth book–her most enchanting yet–turns the spotlight on “reversibles”: knitted projects that are two toys in one. This collection of a dozen delightful features dog doghouse, chrysalis with fluttery surprise inside, tiny hidden fairy, vintage toy fabled theme to boot, pigs blanket, and much more. The adorable photographic sequences playful energetic line drawings show how each finished reversible can be turned inside out reveal its companion toy. Projects arranged order from simplest (fine for beginner) challenging. Finally, book tutorials author (a great knitting teacher), explaining special techniques: apply any applique, do stem stitch, embroider “eyes” Bunny Lamb, 14 It all adds up best season.