Trembling: An Irish

“I will give you a finer dress than either of your sisters has ever seen.” More beautiful her two elder sisters, Trembling is not allowed to go out the house for fear that she might marry before them. Even after Prince Omanya falls in love with eldest, fears their wrath if should attend church. However, magical assistance an unassuming henwife, able wear such finery and arrive style even recognise her. As word mysterious lady spreads throughout world, princes great men come see gain hand. When one suitor gains means identify by way lost shoe, search on, but who succeed discovering true identity what it mean sisters? Cinderella story, this Irish fairytale continues beyond shoe test, wedding vows. To discover whether prevails against all lies store her, look no further latest adaption. [Folklore Type: ATU-510A (The Persecuted Heroine)]

In this unusual version of a folktale favorite, Jude Daly introduces readers to beautiful young woman named Trembling, her selfish sisters Fair and Brown, the old henwife who changes everything.