Vietnam Diary

“The first definitive eyewitness account of the combat in Vietnam, this unforgettable, vividly illustrated report records story 14,000 Americans fighting a new kind war. Written by one most knowledgeable and experienced America’s war correspondents, Vietnam Diary shows how we developed techniques for resisting wily guerrilla forces. Roaming whole war-torn Tregaskis takes his readers on tense U.S. missions—with Marine helicopters Army HU1B’s (Hueys); with ground pounders embattled Delta area, fiercest battlefield Vietnam; then to Special Forces, men chosen job training Montagnard troops resist Communists high jungles. Mr. tells stirring human American deeply committed their jobs—the Captain who says: “You have feel that it’s personal problem—that if they go under, under;” wounded advisor deserted hospital rejoin unit; father five killed mission day before Christmas; wouldn’t take leave because he loved wife feared would astray Saigon. And dramatic battle reports cover massive efforts Vietnamese whom are leaders advisors. An authority wars against communism is Asia, has reported extensively Chinese Civil War, Korea, Guerrilla Indochina, Malaya, Indonesia. He was winner George Polk Award 1964 reporting under hazardous conditions.-Print ed.

A powerful and moving story about the bonds of brotherhood tragedy war, from creator MY MOTHER’S EYES ANGEL OF KOKODA. Leigh Jason are inseparable. But when is conscripted sent to fight in Vietnam, they divided not just by distance, but their beliefs war.

Vietnam is a country with colourful past but it has also endured turbulent times. The Chinese dynasty reigned over for thousand years, the French turned into its colony; and just few decades ago fought back to drive away superpower like America literally nothing tremendous courage will power. Still, always been loving welcoming visitors. It understand this bittersweet dichotomy that author undertakes an incredible journey from Extreme North Deep South of magnificent country. Join Amitabha Gangopadhyay as he takes you on fun, thrilling fact-filled trip two weeks some landmark destinations across Vietnam, meanwhile introducing us nuances Vietnamese life, history culture. As embraces warm hearts people during his travel, reflects experiences share others. This book not travel journal, outsider’s view understanding strength seen turmoil still ploughs forward proudly.