Walk Twenty, Run Twenty

A stunning tale of intrigue and survival in the dusty outback, from author The Divine Wind. Rick’s cousins are two specks floating on horizon, leaving him far behind treacherous bush track. He looks at his punctured tyres dismay. Ten kilometres. If he walks, he’ll be too late to save them. runs, expire heat. Somewhere across flats, between red-dirt back roads, there’s real trouble happening. Rick has never felt so alone; land around feels as alien moon – nothing like city. But now is no time hesitate…Ian Nita depending him. Then voice dead father comes him: ‘Don’t use up all your energy once. Walk twenty, run twenty.’

Maddie Finn lives with her mother above a converted stable in the grounds of big house owned by gloomy Harold Delamore. It’s their ‘cosy refuge against world’ and Maddie’s favourite task is to walk Sal, Mr Delamore’s rare, prize-winning dog. But one day are given two months notice trouble-making Delia Delamore, home from boarding school – or has she been expelled? And when takes Sal for next morning, comes too…into dark alley, where gang kidnappers waiting… who do they want? tense, exciting story difficult friendship Garry Disher, bestselling author The Divine Wind Bamboo Flute.