Who Loves Lucy?

Fans of Jill Shalvis, Rachel Gibson, Susan Andersen and Carly Phillips will be bowled over by this fabulously funny sexy romance from New York Times bestseller Donovan, author The Girl Most Likely To… Kept Woman. Marketing exec Lucy Cunningham is thrilled when her firm wins Miami’s hottest fitness club. reality TV show was Lucy’s idea: leave a fitness-challenged woman in the hands top personal trainer, Theo Redmond, with cash bonus for every pound shed. But didn’t expect to guinea pig… After one meeting, knows his toughest client yet, he’ll never forget. Smart-mouthed stubborn, she rises challenge like pro. And before he it, heart’s jeopardy. As works way into whole new life, things start heat up. are about discover that appearances can deceiving – true love lies somewhere between pizza Pilates… Don’t miss Donovan’s sublime Bayberry Island series. In Sea Love, Sweetest Summer Moondance Beach, escape special island where, legend has bronze mermaid statue grants love…

Sheriff Jake Langley is juggling too many things. He’s raising twins, locked in a custody battle, and his housekeeper missing. He needs an administrative assistant—or wife. What he gets imaginative but misguided nanny who creates chaos home lust heart. Lucy Outlaw wants to set the journalistic world on its ear prove she’s ready for prime time…just as soon she finds job. In meantime, can’t resist temporary position taking care of Jake’s darling especially since long worshiped sheriff from afar. When local developer found murdered near Blackbird Reservation, determined cover story, even though equally keep her out danger—and Can win battle? Or will discover real victory lies loving Lucy?

Michael Karol, the author of Lucy A to Z, has done it again! in Print digs deep give fans (and who isn’t one?) a unique look at Lucille Ball, her TV shows, and co-stars, as reported by press over past 60 years. With commentary analysis author, visit Lucy’s birthplace Jamestown, NY, two lost plays about I Love Lucy!