In order to stop the sheriff from turning their families out of homes, Thora, a spellworker’s daughter, and Oddo, farmer’s son, set off ask for help Gula Thing, but by time adventure is over, it may be too late.

I never believed in magic. Until found out was a witch. just regular college student, working double shifts at the diner to pay for classes, and hoping could help my injured brother find his place world. Then witches came. They ripped me from life, took Primrose Academy, told one of them. By end semester, they claim they’ll have wielding powers uncover ancient secrets, maybe even people love. But before chance kindle that spark, wolf-shifter guardian stalks straight up on night Choosing Ceremony tells I’m coming with him. Luke is epitome tall, dark handsome. He’s determined protect me. And he swears mate. Excuse me, what? No about this part. Now, wrapped some contract agreed to. worst part is, restless, rugged shifter making start question if would walk away could. might fight passions, but I’ll make it three nights bed without surrendering. surrender Luke, abandon Academy forever, along new friends, magic training, all hope helping brother. As choice isn’t hard enough, there’s something else stalking school. Something more dangerous than wolf… Shifters Bewitched brand-new Paranormal Romance series USA Bestselling Author Tasha Black. Be sure read them all: Wolf Spell Bear Charm Panther Curse Raven Song

Mistress of Wolfspell is a mystery/horror story. The story based around the main character Jesse Wolf and her return to Wolfspell. She coerced into returning mansion after death aunt uncle. Because she only surviving relative, expected take care duties regarding had escaped twenty years earlier, leaving memories pain behind a] or so thought.